Who is behind wodal

Gerli & David

5+ years of experience in making people glow.

Providing luxury and irresistible pieces at a reasonable price.

Selling our jewelry in 5 design stores, being one of their top most sold brands.

We will provide

Irresistible selection

We are dedicated to provide the latest and most fashionable pieces of jewelry. We have been and constantly will conduct market research to understand current trends and customers' preferences. With this knowledge, we'll constantly update our collection with new pieces, ensuring that the selection is always fresh and relevant.

Catchy display

We care about displaying the jewelry in a way that is appealing to customers. Presentation is everything and we always work closely with design store owners to ensure that the jewelry is displayed in an attractive and eye-catching way. We provide relevant items for display and also information about each piece.


We understand that sometimes extra pieces are needed to meet demand or to refresh inventory, and we are always ready to assist. We have a dedicated team available to help retailers with their orders and to provide guidance on which pieces would work best for their store's needs. We also have robust inventory on our most popular items, so retailers can always count on us to have what they need.

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Partner store Levi Design store owner:

Hanne Varik's feedback

Levi is one of the biggest design stores in Northern Europe and we have successfully cooperated since 2018. Feedback from the owner Hanne Varik;

We have had the honor of working with hundreds of different brands, so there are many points of comparison.

One of the most wonderful and inspiring parts of being a distributor is seeing the brand's journey - where it started, where it has reached and what it’s still going to accomplish. To know the brilliant people behind the Wodal brand and to live with their every endeavor is the driving
force and motivator why we come to work and represent Wodal's creations with great pleasure. Behind gorgeous products there are truely lovely people - David and Gerli. It's a value that can't be put on a price tag.

The products have been appreciated by our customers for years now. The quality is very high and price is on point. Our communication is excellent and all our questions have been answered on time. These are very important characteristics for good collaboration.

Working with Wodal has been amazing since the beginning. It makes us so thrilled when we see how the brand works with passion and joy, while also having good humor.

What more could you want from a cooperation partner. Only that the cooperation will continue for many more years and decades!

Sustainable practices

Made in EU

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical values extends to our production practices, which adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards.

We source our materials from certified sources and manufacture exclusively within the EU, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards.

Heart necklace - Wodal

Skin-friendly materials

We use only skin-friendly materials such as silver, gold, and platinum, ensuring that our pieces are safe and hypoallergenic for everyday wear.


We also offer eco-friendly return policies and repairs. Our jewelry brand is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, ethically sourced, and sustainable jewelry that they can feel good about wearing.

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