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Cosmic series jewelry is best described as minimalistic with vibrant colours. With 10 colour options and 3 different finishes, you can create your perfect look.

- Short size 35 cm - 40 cm.

- Medium size 42 cm - 47 cm.

- Long size 50 cm - 55 cm.


This necklace is made of 925 sterling silver with 3 plating options: 24-carat gold, 18-carat rose gold, or platinum. The inside is birch wood.


Even though all of our pieces are made with high-quality materials, they need care and attention to resist the passage of time:

- Avoid water and humid places;

- Avoid harsh chemicals;

- Jewelry is put on after makeup and perfume;

- Keep in a closed box when not wearing.

For more detailed information on how to properly clean and preserve your earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets read our article here.


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origin story

Aurora Borealis

The temperature above the surface of the Sun is millions of degrees hotter than the actual surface. At this temperature, collisions between gas molecules are frequent and explosive. Electrons and protons released from the explosions are blown towards the Earth by the solar wind. The charged particles are primarily deflected thanks to the Earth's magnetic field. However, the magnetic field is weaker at the poles, and some particles can enter the atmosphere, causing collisions with gas particles. These collisions emit light that we perceive as the dancing lights of the north - Aurora borealis.

In ancient times we did not know the scientific explanation for the lights and made up stories to grasp something so supernatural. Some believed it to be the spirits of their ancestors. Others thought the aurora to be a bridge to the sky built by the gods.

Though we now know the scientific explanation, the magical lights still spark our imagination and awe. The Aurora green necklace is precisely that - you think you grasp its whole being, yet there seems to be something deeper hidden in the mystical green.

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Silja Sarap

Cosmic necklace | Aurora Borealis | 925 sterling silver

Aitäh, tagasiside eest, Silja :)

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