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Cosmic series jewelry is best described as minimalistic with vibrant colours. You can create your perfect look with 10 colour options and 3 different finishes.

- Short size 35 cm - 40 cm.

- Medium size 42 cm - 47 cm.

- Long size 50 cm - 55 cm.


This necklace is made of 925 sterling silver with 3 plating options: 24-carat gold, 18-carat rose gold, or platinum. The inside is birch wood.


Even though all of our pieces are made with high-quality materials, they need care and attention to resist the passage of time:

- Avoid water and humid places;

- Avoid harsh chemicals;

- Jewelry is put on after makeup and perfume;

- Keep in a closed box when not wearing.

For more detailed information on how to properly clean and preserve your earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets read our article here.


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origin story

Orion Nebula

The birth of stars occurs in an enormous cloud of gas and dust called nebulae. The closest region of such massive star formation is 1344 light-years away - The Great Orion Nebula, an inspiration for this purple shade necklace.

The composition of stars is caused by the turbulence from deep within these clouds, which creates high-density regions called knots. These knots contain enough mass that the shadow of cosmic dust begins to collapse from gravitation. As it collapses, the pressure from gravity causes the centre to heat up, creating a protostar. One day, this core becomes hot enough to ignite fusion - this is how a star is born.

Not all of the material in the collapsing cloud ends up as part of a star - the remaining dust can become planets, asteroids or comets... Orion purple necklace carries a tale of the early days of a young solar system just like ours.

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Imelised ehted imeliste tegijate poolt!

Aitäh, Jako!
Nii vahva, et teile meie ehted meeldivad :)

Elisabet A.
Tohutult ilus ja kvaliteetne!

Tuleb kohe mainida et kõik selle kaelakee juures on kvaliteetne! Kett näeb väga delikaatne välja aga samas on vastupidav. Samuti nii lahe et valikus on erinevad värvid ketile, pikkused ja 10 erinevat kosmose tooni. Teenindus oli super - ostlemine oli meeldiv ning jõudis kohale kiiresti. Olen väga rahul ostuga ja kindlasti ostan veel Wodali tooteid :) Soovitan!!

Hei, Elisabet!
Meil on tõsiselt hea meel, et oled rahul! :) See kaelakee sobib sulle hästi ;)
Aitäh aitäh ❤