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Cosmic series jewelry is best described as minimalistic with vibrant colours. You can create your perfect look with 10 colour options and 3 different finishes.

- Short size 35 cm - 40 cm.

- Medium size 42 cm - 47 cm.

- Long size 50 cm - 55 cm.


This necklace is made of 925 sterling silver with 3 plating options: 24-carat gold, 18-carat rose gold, or platinum. The inside is birch wood.


Even though all of our pieces are made with high-quality materials, they need care and attention to resist the passage of time:

- Avoid water and humid places;

- Avoid harsh chemicals;

- Jewelry is put on after makeup and perfume;

- Keep in a closed box when not wearing.

For more detailed information on how to properly clean and preserve your earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets read our article here.


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origin story


We are all made of stars. The Supernova necklace tells the story of our cosmic origin.

Supernova is an exploding star. Every star has a core full of nuclear fuel burning inside, assembling heat. This is called nucleosynthesis - the making of elements.

A star is in a balance between two opposite forces. First, the heat from inside creates pressure outward. Second, gravity tries to squeeze the star into the smallest, tightest ball possible. When it runs out of fuel, it cools off. This causes the pressure to drop, and gravity wins. The star suddenly collapses, and within 15 seconds, it creates enormous shock waves that cause the outer part of the star to go supernova.

Stars that go supernova are responsible for creating the elements of the periodic table. So it's very likely that a whole bunch of different stars have contributed to the elements we see in our solar system, on our planet, and those found within you.

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Julia G.
Great earrings and pendant set

Good quality and great colors. Like them very much! <3

Thank you, Julia!
I'm so happy to hear that :)