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  • Diameter 8 mm
  • Weight 1 g
  • Center: birch wood

Earring stoppers are always included.


Dive into self-expression with our Cosmic Wood Earring Studs. Explore 10 vibrant colors, find your unique vibe. Handcrafted for style that's as unique as you. Elevate your look with simplicity and individuality – it's the Cosmic colour magic.


⋆⁺₊ Gold Vermeil

This gold vermeil is not your typical gold plating. It's a thick layer of 24k solid gold on sterling silver, making it last longer. You get the classy feel of gold jewelry without the high price tag.

⋆⁺₊ Rose Gold Vermeil

Our Rose Gold Vermeil is not the same as regular rose gold plating. It's got a thick layer of 18k rose gold on top of sterling silver, meaning it will last longer. You get the look & feeel of rose gold jewelry at the fraction of the price.

⋆⁺₊ Platinum Vermeil

Not to be confused with reguar silver, our platinum vermeil has a thick layer of pure platinum, preventing oxidation and ensuring lasting durability. You can still enjoy the timeless elegance of platinum silver jewelry - luxury made affordable.

↟ ↟ Birch Wood

The inner birch wood is meticulously stained with two colour layers and finally sealed with a double varnish for lasting radiance.


Preserve the beauty of your jewelry with these essential care tips:

  • Keep It Dry: Avoid storing your jewelry openly in humid places.
  • Chemical Caution: Shield from harsh chemicals.
  • Safe Storage: Store in a closed box when not worn.

For detailed care instructions, explore our care guide article here.


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origin story

Orion Nebula

The birth of stars occurs in an enormous cloud of gas and dust called nebulae. The closest region of such massive star formation is 1344 light-years away - The Great Orion Nebula, an inspiration for these purple shade earrings.

The composition of stars is caused by the turbulence from deep within these clouds, which creates high-density regions called knots. These knots contain enough mass that the shadow of cosmic dust begins to collapse from gravitation. As it collapses, the pressure from gravity causes the centre to heat up, creating a protostar. One day, this core becomes hot enough to ignite fusion - this is how a star is born.

Not all of the material in the collapsing cloud ends up as part of a star - the remaining dust can become planets, asteroids or comets... Orion purple earrings carry a tale of the early days of a young solar system just like ours.

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Cosmic earrings | Orion Nebula

Aitäh, Jako :)

Kait Miidla

Cosmic earrings | Orion Nebula

Aitäh tagasiside eest! ❤

Margit Langemets

Cosmic earrings | Orion Nebula

Aitäh tagasiside eest, Margit!

Heli Stroom

Cosmic earrings | Orion Nebula

Aitäh, Heli!

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Nendest nunnudest piisab alati, et tunda ennast kuidagi erilisemana! Ja täiesti vastupidi ka, kui tunned ennast kuidagi eriti erilisena, siis oma tagasihoidlikkusega ei varjuta ülejäänud sära ära 😍! Aitäh-aitäh, lihtsalt imetabased ❤️

Hihiii aiäh, Kristiina!
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