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  • Diameter 8 mm
  • Weight 1 g
  • Center: birch wood

Earring stoppers are always included.


Dive into self-expression with our Cosmic Wood Earring Studs. Explore 10 vibrant colors, find your unique vibe. Handcrafted for style that's as unique as you. Elevate your look with simplicity and individuality – it's the Cosmic colour magic.


⋆⁺₊ Gold Vermeil

This gold vermeil is not your typical gold plating. It's a thick layer of 24k solid gold on sterling silver, making it last longer. You get the classy feel of gold jewelry without the high price tag.

⋆⁺₊ Rose Gold Vermeil

Our Rose Gold Vermeil is not the same as regular rose gold plating. It's got a thick layer of 18k rose gold on top of sterling silver, meaning it will last longer. You get the look & feeel of rose gold jewelry at the fraction of the price.

⋆⁺₊ Platinum Vermeil

Not to be confused with reguar silver, our platinum vermeil has a thick layer of pure platinum, preventing oxidation and ensuring lasting durability. You can still enjoy the timeless elegance of platinum silver jewelry - luxury made affordable.

↟ ↟ Birch Wood

The inner birch wood is meticulously stained with two colour layers and finally sealed with a double varnish for lasting radiance.


Preserve the beauty of your jewelry with these essential care tips:

  • Keep It Dry: Avoid storing your jewelry openly in humid places.
  • Chemical Caution: Shield from harsh chemicals.
  • Safe Storage: Store in a closed box when not worn.

For detailed care instructions, explore our care guide article here.


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origin story


We are all made of stars. Supernova earrings tell the story of our cosmic origin.

Supernova is an exploding star. Every star has a core full of nuclear fuel burning inside, assembling heat. This is called nucleosynthesis - the making of elements.

A star is in a balance between two opposite forces. First, the heat from inside creates pressure outward. Second, gravity tries to squeeze the star into the smallest, tightest ball possible. When it runs out of fuel, it cools off. This causes the pressure to drop, and gravity wins. The star suddenly collapses, and within 15 seconds, it creates enormous shock waves that cause the outer part of the star to go supernova.

Stars that go supernova are responsible for creating the elements of the periodic table. So it's very likely that a whole bunch of different stars have contributed to the elements we see in our solar system, on our planet, and those found within you.

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Ebareaalselt ägedad kõrvarõngad ja tegijad :)

Aitäh, Jako!
Meil on ainult rõõm :)

Martiina Anni

Cosmic earrings | Supernova

Aitäh tagasiside eest, Martiina! :)

Elina S.

Imeilus värv! Nüüd on mu lemmik, ka kõrvarõngad :) Aitäh!

Nii tore, et Sulle meeldib! Me ise oleme selle värvga ka väga rahul.
Aitäh, Elina ❤

Maret H.

Tellisin 2 paari Teie valmistatud kõrvarõngaid - supernova ja blue planet.
Esimesed endale ja teised tütrele kingiks.Mõlemad oleme väga rahul.
Kõrvarõngaste pakendist ja pakendis seesolevast armsast kirjakesest õhkus hoolivust ja armastust nii oma klientide vastu kui ka oma loomingu vastu.Lihtsalt super😍.
Ja tellisin ka teisele tütrele kingiks rohelised kõrvarõngad, mis on veel teel.
Suur tänu ja kummardus Teile😍🤗🥰.

No täiesti suurepärane! Milline imeline viis uut nädalat alustada sellise kirjaga!
Suur suur aitäh sulle kallis Maret. Meil on nii ääretult hea meel, et olete mõlemad rahul


Ketlin S.


Nii tore, Ketlin :)